Cable Harnesses

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World reach

We export our products to the world markets

How do we produce?


Quality cable harnesses are needed not only for every car. In our company we have been manufacturing and assembling cable harnesses of various types and complexities for more than 15 years.


We provide these types of assembly works:

  • cutting
  • stripping
  • tinning
  • crimping, splicing
  • soldering
  • binding
  • connectors assembly
  • crimping of terminals
  • cable bonding (with water protection)
  •  compacting – resistance welding
  • sealing

All products are subjected to the strict quality and parameter inspection

Quality control

Before finished cable harnesses reach our customers they also undergo number of strict parameters and quality controls so that we can always guarantee that you receive product with the highest possible quality. We provide, among others:

  • electrical tests
  • mechanical tests
  • pressure tests
  • water tests
  • tear tests
  • metallographic cut
  • 2D and 3D measurements
  • X-ray

We operate in Europe

We are producing in five plants in the Czech Republic and in one in Bulgaria