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How do we produce?

The metal pressing plant is equipped by two pieces of Bruderer press machines. Each machine is endowed by a clamping force of 500 kN and a speed of up to 1120 strokes per minute. The Bruderer BSTA50EL high-speed press is synonymous with precision, performance and reliability. This press is designed for serial production of pressed parts, electrical contacts, etc. We use various types of metal strips as an input material. We manufacture metal parts using progressive cutting technologies. Last but not least, we inspect parts using the Micro-Vu Vertex 310 optical measuring machine. We also provide galvanic plating for our customers according to their requirements.

All products are subjected to the strict quality and parameter inspection

We operate in Europe

We are producing in five plants in the Czech Republic and in one in Bulgaria

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We are traditional producer since 1990

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