Plastic Pressing Plant

Precise pressing and stamping of contacts from band

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World reach

We export our products to the world markets

How do we produce?

Whether you are interested in pressing of clean plastic parts, metal injection moulding, or stamping of contacts from band, our company is here for you. We have more than fifty professional presses of various types that can meet full range of your requirements, e.g.:


49  injection moulding machines with tonnage/closing force from 25 tons to 700 tons

  • pressing of clean plastic parts


14  injection moulding machines or carousel presses with rotary and sliding table with tonnage/closing force from 25 tons to 150 tons

  • injection moulding of noble socket contacts into electronic units
  • plastic injection with subsequent cut


Bruderer press or precise high-quality high-speed press that achieves speed of 2,000 strokes per minute

  • stamping of contacts from band for both end customers and own production

All products are subjected to the strict quality and parameter inspection

We operate in Europe

We are producing in five plants in the Czech Republic and in one in Bulgaria

Available Positions

We believe in Talent. Join us!

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Tradition and Future

We are traditional producer since 1990

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